I will need enough time to complete your screening. Generally, at least two to three days’ notice would be ideal for both of us, so please allow yourself ample time from contact to our meeting.

If you are unable to plan ahead and are giving me less than 24 hours to verify you, there will be an additional fee of $300 to expedite the process. Please choose from the many e-gift cards found on my wish list & send with your request.

All communications and information between us are entirely confidential. I am an established and reputable lady who has many outstanding reviews on TER, P411 Okays, and a very active Twitter/Instagram presence. My reputation & credibility is far more important to me than running away with your deposit or trying to scam you. Do your research. Reach out to me when you feel comfortable and can trust me.

All new appointments and touring appointments require a deposit. In order to secure my time and prove that you are serious about your intentions to meet with me, I will need a deposit to set time aside for us and to validate your intentions. If you should cancel prior to 48 hours, the deposit will be applied towards a future appointment.

Things do happen, but I have set aside time for you, and only you.

  • Up to & less than a 48-hour notice: 50% of my rate
  • Up to & less than a 24-hour notice: 100% of my rate

Repeated cancelations will result in a deposit being required to rebook.

If you rebook within 6 months, 25% of your cancellation fee will be deducted from you next appointment. In the rare event that I should cancel our date, you should expect a refund within 48 hours.

In the unlikely event I must cancel, I will offer he option of a refunded deposit or rescheduled date.

If you are running more than five minutes late, I do expect a notification from you. I will consider our date canceled if you are one hour over our scheduled time. The above cancellation rules are applicable here in that case. Do NOT expect met to add on extra time to our date if you are late.

I admire a man who takes the time to show me he is serious about self-care. You can expect those same qualities from me. I feel this is a courteous and respectful gift we give each other. You will be pleasantly surprised at how turned on I get by good hygiene and a well-groomed man. This makes me enjoy the experience that much more, which will make you enjoy it more in return.

Before we meet, I ask you to prep yourself regarding hygiene. I do expect your most exceptional presentation when we start our date. This includes being freshly showered, hands washed, with sparkling freshly brushed teeth, and you have used mouth wash. No matter what time of day when we start our date, these self-care essentials are non-negotiables.

Please groom your facial and body hair, as well as your finger and toenails.

If you shave, please be clean-shaven. Do you sport a beard or mustache? It is respectful and appreciated that you use a beard conditioner. Keeping your facial hair soft for me is a gesture of kindness. I am sure that if my hair, brushing on your skin, were dry, frizzy, and tangled, some of our pleasure would be lessened. We wouldn’t want that.

If time doesn’t allow for you to shower immediately before our date, you are encouraged to shower before we begin our date at my place. Regardless of this, it is expected that you wash your hands immediately upon arrival. If I ask that you wash your hands or shower, please take the hint and do not take it as a suggestion.

I will always respect your privacy and never acknowledge our acquaintance should our paths cross in public. I EXPECT the same courtesy in return. What happens between us stays between us.

No displays of affection in public beyond a hug or peck on the cheek.

For as long as I can remember, I have been in love with feminine, smart, and beautiful women. There are a few ladies in this industry who have stolen my heart. I know they will take yours too. An extraordinary time will be had if you allow one of these beauties to join us. I also have a few lady crushes that I would love for you to help me with consummating. Perhaps, you have your own special lady love who is also your life partner. I relish meeting couples that are open-minded, have a real sense of adventure, and have a solid connection between each other. My rate is the same for doubles but there is an additional $500 to my total existing rate for seeing couples.

I would adore an invitation to visit you for a beautiful adventure. A Fly Me to You begins with a minimum of a 5-hour date, round-trip travel arrangement, upscale accommodation, and meals for 1 day. All expenses are covered by you. Be a true gentleman.

The rate for my time is absolutely non-negotiable. If my financial requirements make you uncomfortable there are other companions that can meet your financial sensibilities.

If You Host:
Please place your offering in the bathroom in plain view before I arrive.

If I Host:
Do not directly hand your offering to me. Please place it outside the restroom on top of a table in plain view and excuse yourself to use the restroom to freshen up.

I only accept cash and there are no exceptions.

All deposits & payments are nonrefundable.

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