I am a vivacious woman with eclectic tastes and interests. One day I am in love with the beautiful skyline of NYC, its world-class museums, quality shows, and over 70 Michelin starred restaurants. The next day I want to travel to see nothing but nature, flowers, and trees for hours. Big cities excite me. Nature soothes me.

Would you want to join me in some of my adventures when I travel around the globe to visit cosmopolitan cities, national parks, beaches, and botanical gardens? Care to go skydiving, hiking, or exploring the city together? Have you ever wanted to visit the Sundance Film Festival with the perfect companion? What about tailgating at the Santa Fe Opera, then devour a night of operatic magic?

To get an even better idea about who I am, follow me on Twitter. I like to have fun and tease you in a good way.

Sensual and Seductive

The world is a beautiful place to explore. It is even more special when you experience it with the right person. Let’s make time to stop and enjoy the wonders of each other and the world around us.

Shall we begin our adventure over dinner and a bottle of wine, where we share our thoughts while exchanging longing glances from across the table? You won’t be able to stop gazing at the outline of my curves from under my clothes and the perfect profile of my face. You will wonder how such a perfect vixen could have such an angelic face. Every so often, I will run the tips of my fingers across your hand making you long for the feel of my touch all over your body. By the end of the evening, we will be licking dessert off of our lips. Let’s leave the rest to our imagination.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Dedicated Sensualist...

Those who know me enjoy my zest for all things erotic and sensual. Join me for an erotic adventure where we will explore all of our senses and learn new ways to pleasure ourselves. Your pleasure is my pleasure. Let me be your guide and allow me to expand your palette for pleasure.

I practice the art of sensual domination. What is sensual domination? Sensual dominance celebrates pleasure over pain, and does not involve violence, aggression, or humiliation. The Sensual Dominant controls the situation to increase the pleasure of both parties and they give you just the right sensations to nourish your mind, body, and spirit. Are you ready to be brought to new heights of pleasure? How much joy can you handle? When is it enough for you? Do you deserve it? Make me happy and you will find out.

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