If you are unable to plan ahead and are giving me less than 24 hours to verify you, there will be an additional fee of $300 to expedite the process. Please choose from the many e-gift cards found on my wish list & send with your request.

I firmly believe that longer dates allow us to get to know each other better enabling us to become more relaxed and comfortable. We deserve to enjoy each other spectacularly.

***I only accept cash as an offering.

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Since NYC is my hometown, I can visit friends in Bklyn, Westchester, LI, CT, and NJ.


2 hrs Rendezvous 1,800
3 hrs Cocktails 2,300
4 hrs Dinner Date 2,800
5 hrs Dinner & Dessert 3,300
6 hrs Dinner & Show 3,800
12 hrs Overnight 6,000
16 hrs Overnight & Brunch 7,000
24 hrs Full Day 8,000
48 hrs Weekend 13,000


4hr min Fly Me To You 3K
3hr min Drive Me To You (> 100 miles) 2.5K
2hr min Drive Me To You (< 100 miles) 2K
  • I do NOT entertain Semi-Exclusive or Exclusive arrangements.


  • Dates over 3 hours must include a lovely meal together.
  • Time spent over 4 hours must include a meal and an outdoor activity.
  • Overnights require at least 7 hours of sleep so I can be at my best and energetic for us.
  • Full day dates most include 2 hours of me time for me to attend to my admin work and do a quick workout.

Virtual Dates

30 mins Phone Calls $250
1 hr Phone Calls $400
1 day Texts / Emails (max 5 replies) $200
7 days Texts / Emails $1000
  • I do NOT offer Skype sessions.